6/15/2020 – 6/20/2020

Bidding will open at 6PM Monday June 15th, and will begin closing at 6PM Saturday June 20th.

With donations or ministry questions please call the Gospel Echoes NW office at 541-926-6222. With questions about registering or bidding please call Chloe at 541-619-8759.

REGISTRATION REQUIRED TO BID: For each registration $50 will be donated to Gospel Echoes Northwest (up to $10,000)

FUND A NEED: A matching fund of $30,000 has been pledged to the ministry. You have an opportunity to double the impact of your gift by giving to either the Gospel Echoes Bible Studies program or the new bus fund.

Bidding Notice: This is an online only auction, all bidding activity will take place online. REGISTER IN ADVANCE to make sure you are able to complete the process in time to bid on the items you would like to purchase. MAKE SURE YOU HAVE ADEQUATE INTERNET OR PHONE SERVICE. This will make a difference in your ability to bid successfully during the closing of the auction. If you have slow internet or phone service or will not be able to be online during the closing of the auction please utilize the max bid feature. The computer program will bid for you up to your max bid. It will NOT jump you to your max bid but will bid in the preset increments for you against other online bidders. 

Auction Notice: Items will be added to the catalog as items are received.